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Technology Update

Saturday, October 29, 2005
Santa Clara City Library

Archive of Presentations [powerpoint files]:

Implementing RFID, Karen Saunders
Same Old Services, New Delivery Methods, Sara Houghton
Going Wireless in Your Library, Carol Frost

The Library Website 2005 - We Aren't Just Hours and Directions Anymore! Presenter: Gail McPartland

This presentation will bring you up-to-date on how libraries are expanding library websites to include a variety of new services. A trip to the library is a wonderful thing. There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon outing to stock up on good mysteries, latest bestsellers, or current feature films. But more and more, libraries are bringing services to their websites so you don't have to get into your car, fight traffic and parking (especially for those 8:45 pm trips for homework assignments). This talk will update you on features your library may have already made available to you. Or will be making available to you in the near future.

Same Old Services, New Delivery Methods
Presenter: Sarah Houghton

Libraries have always lent books, but now they're lending virtual materials such as e-Books. Libraries answer questions at the Reference desk, and now they answer them via email and chat as well. Libraries have always notified patrons of their programs via flyers and public service announcements, now they use blogs and RSS feeds. This program will explain some of the new delivery methods libraries are using to provide many of the traditional services libraries have always provided.

Laptops Unleashed: Going Wireless in Your Library
Presenter: Carol Frost

Wireless is offered in Starbucks, hotels, and even throughout cities. Public and academic libraries have offered wireless technology for the last few years to both their staff and the patron walking in with a laptop. How does wireless work, and how can it benefit libraries? We'll review the three main reasons for wireless, issues to consider before implementing and whether libraries should be allowing free access to this resource.

Implementing RFID Today: Lessons Learned
Presenter: Karen Saunders

The RFID landscape has changed dramatically since year 2000 when Santa Clara Library was the first library to implement RFID in the state. Then there were only a couple of viable vendors. Today library decision makers do not only need to evaluate a variety of products from multiple vendors, but must also consider issues of standards, privacy/confidentiality, proposed RFID legislation, and staffing issues. This presentation will address the state of RFID today to enable library decision makers to make informed decisions about RFID implementation.

Come Blow Your Horn, Library Success Stories

California Association of Library Trustees And Commissioners Workshop
March 19, 2005 at City of Commerce, CA

Archived Videos recorded by Infopeople at the City of Commerce on March 19, 2005, highlights of each presentation at the conference on "Come Blow Your Horn: library sucess stories."

Spotlight topics: Collaborations - Partnerships, alliances and joint ventures with other entities in your community. Connections - With media, government, schools, associations and others in your community that help boost your library's success. Cash/Fund Raising - Capital campaigns, bond acts, out of the box ideas, how to rub two cents together.

Northern speakers include: Anne Cain, Contra Costa County Librarian; Tom Trice, Sonoma County; Anne Turner, Santa Cruz.

Southern speakers include: Margaret Donnellan Todd and Penny Markey, L.A. County; Danis Kreimeier (CLA President) and Gene Scearce, Yorba Linda; Luis Herrera and Jill Switzer, Pasadena; Barbara Murray, Oxnard.

North (Dublin), Saturday, March 5, 2005
South (City of Commerce), Saturday, March 19, 2005